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New Pricing Options

March 13th, 2006 • Comments
Products have always been able to be setup with pricing levels based on quantity, both base pricing and individual customer contract pricing. Pricing for products has now been extended for purchasing. Pricing levels can be setup for products which are ordered and specific contract pricing from suppliers can also be created. Both options work in the same way as customer pricing.


New Menu

March 8th, 2006 • Comments
In order to improve the performance of Blaq, the drop-down menu found at the top of the Blaq window has been replaced. The new menu improves the average Blaq page load time and also corrects some problems the current menu has when used on Macs. It has a similar appearance to the existing menu and the menu items are the same.

The new menu is a Java menu, therefore all users need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed to be able to use it. Most users will already have it installed but if you need to install the JRE, it can be installed from Any users who don't have the JRE installed can still use the existing icon based menu.


January 2006 Upgrade

January 8th, 2006 • Comments
The first major update to Blaq for 2006 sees a lot of recently requested changes implemented but the most obvious change to users will be the use of frames for the top menu, the main body and the reminder/date at the bottom. The update also includes the following:

  • Search jobs/quotes/purchase orders for product codes & descriptions used in that transaction from the main search screen.
  • Allow invoice date to be set (if the user's "Transaction Access" is set as "Administrator")
  • Allow other details of an invoiced job to be changed (if the user's "Transaction Access" is set as "Administrator")
  • Copying contents from one job into another existing job. To do this, go to the "Production Details" section of the job then click on the "Load" button. Select the job to load the details of & all it's Production Details will be copied into the current job. Delete any Items/Components that aren't required.
  • Assign multiple operators to a job. Hold down Ctrl or the Apple key and click on multiple operators to assign them to a job.
  • Assign multiple CSR's to a quote. Hold down Ctrl or the Apple key and click on multiple CSR's to assign them to a job.
  • Job templates: have user editable templates which can be used for the basis of a job. These are under the Admin => Templates => Transactions section. This is a repository for Job Templates.
  • Recurring jobs - schedule a job template to be created for a client at a recuring interval. Schedule the creation under Admin => Templates => Schedule.

  • Customer Names - not just a link
  • Birthday Reminders - set a reminder for a contact's birthday.

  • Added a Year view to the planner
  • Reminders - set a reminder for a forthcoming event

  • set e-mail footers with branch/company information to be included automatically with each outgoing e-mail.

  • Report scheduler - allow reports to be run at specific times automatically and e-mailed to a user

  • Export scheduler - allow exports to be run at specific times automatically and e-mailed to a user


More Phone & Fax Numbers

November 27th, 2005 • Comments
There have been a couple of changes allowing different phone & fax numbers to be stored in Blaq. Branches before had a phone & fax number - they now have sales phone/fax numbers and accounts phone/fax numbers. Also, Employees can now have their own phone & fax numbers. 

All these additions are able to be utilised in the templates of job sheets, invoices, quotes, etc. if desired.


Security Upgrade

October 30th, 2005 • Comments
To further increase the security of Blaq, all users are now required to enter a verification code when logging in. The verification code is displayed on a small image and is used to improve performance and prevent unauthorized automated scripts.