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Widgets are small plug-ins used in Blaq for quick access to information or to show up-to-date information about your Blaq system.

Information can include lists, statistics and mini-reports from areas of Blaq such as jobs, quotes and contacts. They are available in the sidebar (the column on the left of the main window) or the dashboard. Whilst a widget can be shown in either section, usually the sidebar would be used for information you wish to have readily at hand such as contact details and activities whilst the dashboard is more suited for widgets you would use less regularly, such as sales statistics.

Adding widgets to Blaq is done through the Preferences section. Please read Customising Blaq for more information on adding widgets.

Using Widgets

Loaded widgets can be minimised & maximised by either clicking on the up/down arrow at the top-right corner of the widget or by double-clicking on the top bar of the widget. The contents of most widgets can be individually refreshed by clicking on the refresh icon at the top-right of the widget. Some widgets will refresh themselves at set intervals.

Most widgets can be resized once maximised by dragging the bar at the bottom of the widget up or down. They can also be reordered by clicking on the widget's title and dragging it above or below the other widgets, and in the dashboard they can be moved between columns. A widget's size and position are stored so they'll be the same next time you log into Blaq.

You can remove a widget from the sidebar or dashboard by clicking on the 'X' button to the right of the widget's title. Once you've removed a widget, it won't be added again on future logins. You can add the widget again through the Preferences section.
Last modified: 4/01/2010