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Follow the steps to add a payment in Blaq.

Payments can be recorded against transactions in Blaq for customers (when they pay an invoice) or suppliers (when you pay a purchase order or bill). Payments can only be recorded for transactions which have been closed or posted. The steps involved in adding a payment are very similar for customers and suppliers. Entering a payment is accomplished by following these steps:
  1. For Customer Payments, go to Administration > Accounts > Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts. For Supplier Payments, go to Administration > Accounts > Accounts Payable > Supplier Accounts.
  2. Open the account the payment is related to.
  3. Click on the Payments tab.
  4. Click on the New Payment button.
  5. A new payment is opened. Fill in the following details:
    1. Date - the date the payment was received
    2. Payment Method - the way your customer has paid you, or you have paid your supplier.
    3. Bank Account - the account the money is being deposited into (for customers) or withdrawn from (for suppliers). The accounts listed are from the GL Accounts section.
    4. Receipt Number (Accounts Payable only) - if you've received a receipt number for the payment, you can enter that here.
    5. Notes - this is for any additional notes you might have about the payment, but can be left blank.
    6. Payment Total - the total for the payment. You don't need to fill this is as it can be automatically calculated in the next step.
  6. At the bottom of the screen is a list of currently unpaid invoices (for customers) or purchase orders/bills (for suppliers). To the right of each are 3 buttons:
    1. Pay - click on this to pay the full amount of the transaction.
    2. Clr (Clear) - click on this to clear the payment for this transaction.
    3. Auto - if you have entered an amount under the Payment Total above, clicking on this button will automatically pay this transaction up to the total remaining from the Payment Total. For example, with a customer, if they send you a $2000 cheque and have 2 unpaid invoices for $1500 each, you can enter $2000 under the Payment Total (from the previous step). Clicking on Auto beside the first invoice will allocate a $1500 payment to that invoice, clicking on Auto beside the second invoice will allocate the remaining $500 as a payment for that invoice, leaving $1000 still owing.
  7. When you have completed the payment you can click on the Save button which will still allow further changes to the payment later on and won't allocate the payment yet. If you are sure the payment is correct, in the payment change the Status to 'Closed' then save the payment. This will allocate the payment to the invoices and won't allow further changes to the payment.