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This tutorial demonstrates how to export sales data from MYOB for Blaq.

The steps below are for MYOB Accounting 18. Other versions of MYOB might differ slightly but the steps should be very similar to those below.

To export sales from MYOB:
  1. In MYOB, go to File > Export Data > Sales then select the type of Sales you normally use (Service, Item, Professional or Miscellaneous).
  2. Set 'Export File Format' to 'Tab-delimited'.
  3. Set 'First Record Is' to 'Header Record'.
  4. Set 'Status' to 'All Invoices'.
  5. Leave 'Identifiers' blank.
  6. Set the date range to the dates for the invoices you wish to export.
  7. Click 'Continue'.
  8. Click 'Match All'.
  9. Click 'Export'.
  10. Save the file in a convenient location.
Last modified: 24/06/2009