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This shows you how to import your Blaq data into MYOB.

To import Blaq sales data into MYOB:
  1. Open MYOB and open your company file.
  2. Click on the File Menu > Import Data > Sales > Service Sales.
  3. Set 'Import File Format' to the same format you exported the data from Blaq in - either Tab-delimited or Comma-separated.
  4. Set 'First Record is' to 'Header Record' unless the export template you used specified there is no header record, in which case select 'Data Record'.
  5. Set 'Duplicate Records' to 'Reject Them'. You should normally never set it to 'Add Them'.
  6. Set 'Identify Customers by' to 'Co./Last Name' not 'Card ID' or 'Record ID'.
  7. Click 'Continue'.
  8. Select a file.
  9. Click 'Match All' to match the MYOB fields to the fields in the file. If you have used the correct Blaq export format with the correct MYOB import format, the fields should all match correctly.
  10. Click 'Import' to run the import.
Last modified: 28/05/2012