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Users in Blaq are called 'Employees' and this tutorial outlines the steps involved in adding them.

Employees are setup in the Administration > Employees section. In this section you can add Employees as well as change their access rights.

Add an Employee by clicking on the New Employee button then fill in the Employee's details. Most of the details should be self-explanatory but for more information about a field, you can move your mouse over the field's name and a hint window should explain the field in more detail.

Giving an Employee Access

When an Employee has been added, initially they have no access to any of the Blaq sections. Access needs to be granted to each of the sections the Employee needs to be able to use. Once you've added the Employee (or at any stage), with the Employee open, click on the Access tab and you will see a list of all the sections in Blaq. For a new employee, you'll see that the Access Level for every section has been set to None. You can give the Employee access to a section by changing the level to one of the following options:
  • Full Control - the user can add, modify and delete records
  • Add & Modify - the user can add & modify records but can't delete
  • Add - the user can add new records but can't modify or delete existing records
  • Modify - the user can modify existing records but can't add new records or delete existing records
  • View Only - the user can view existing records but can't add, modify or delete them
  • None - the user has no access to this section
Change the access level for each of the sections you want the employee to be able to access then either change to another tab for this employee or click on Save Employee to save the changes.
Last modified: 6/06/2011