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Any user can change their own password.

If you can't log into Blaq because you've forgotten your password, ask your company's Blaq administrator to change your password for you. The administrator can change the password in the Employees section. Once they've changed it, you can login to Blaq and change it again to something else.

Alternatively, users can change their own passwords once logged into Blaq through the Preferences section. In that section, enter the new password in the Password field then enter it again in Confirm Password and then click on the Save button to save the changes.

Password Security

Always remember that passwords are one of the measures which keep your company's information in Blaq secure so always choose a secure password. Avoid using your own name, a maiden name, pet's name, etc. and it's always good to use both letters and numbers in the password.

It's also a good idea to change your password regularly. This can be enforced by the Blaq administrator if desired by going to the Options section, then Security. The option Force Password Changes can be set to require users to change their passwords after the set number of days. When the user logs after the time period has expired, they will be forced to change their password before they can use the system.
Last modified: 26/05/2011