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A facelift for Blaq!

July 17th, 2014 • Comments
We have given a face lift!! The system is looking fresh and modern. It is easier to navigate and is much more user friendly for those using a mobile device, such as an iPad. Watch this space for the release of a smartPhone friendly site in the future.

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Blaq is secure!

April 11th, 2014 • Comments
By now, you've probably seen the news about the Heartbleed security bug, and we just want to allay any concerns that your Blaq data was at risk due to this vulnerability. It's not. Blaq is still safe. Blaq does use the Open SSL library - but not the version that contains the Heartbleed vulnerability. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

Best regards, 
Blaq development team.


Australia Day Update

January 30th, 2014 • Comments
You may have noticed some changes to Blaq?? Over the long weekend, we here at Zignet were busy implementing some new and exciting features in Blaq in order make your life easier...
These upgrades do not affect the operation of any existing users of Blaq. 
The new features include: 
  • We’re working towards a more iPad friendly layout for Blaq, with a view to making a smart phone layout available in about a year. As such, the look of Blaq has changed a little. The new layout that you will see is the “Compact” view. It allows you to see more information on the screen and is particularly useful for those using Blaq on their iPad. To revert back to the old layout, go to the menu Tools/Preferences. In the Start-Up section, select the Layout option of “Comfortable”. This will put the space and lines back in between the fields on the screen. 
  • Another option that we have created, also in the menu Tools/Preferences Start-Up section, is the Tip Display. You can now opt to see the tips to the right of each field on the screen (as it currently is), underneath each field on the screen, or switch tips off. For those of you that are familiar with Blaq and no longer need tips, or those that are using smaller screens, such as an iPad, you may choose to remove the tips or show them underneath so your data entry fields are bigger. Note; once your screen is less than a particular width, such as when you have the portrait view on your iPad, the tips will automatically be removed. 
  •  On all forms that include Sections, you now have the ability to collapse or expand each section, depending on it’s relevance to your current task. Use the arrow that is on the right of the section name. 
  • Navigation around Blaq has become much faster and more user friendly with the inclusion of an arrow icon to the right of relevant fields. For example if you are in a Job and want to see your customers details, you can click on the icon and be taken to the Customer Account screen for that customer. 
  • The Accounts Menu has been moved. It is now under the Sales menu item and is a sub menu named Customers 
  • The Banking Menu has been renamed as Accounting as it will soon encompasses even more accounting features. 
  • Journal Entries and Bank Transactions are entered on one screen with components at the bottom, rather than in separate tabs. 
  • A new tab has been added to your Job management screen. (menu Sales > Jobs and Invoices). This tab will show, as display only, the Supplier Quotes that were included in the original Quote. From here you can create Purchases Orders for these Supplier Quotes. 
  • The status of “Posted” for all Invoices that have been exported to MYOB is no longer used. The status for these Invoices will remain as “Invoiced” until the invoice is fully paid, which changes the status to “Paid”. A new icon (which looks like a linked chain) has been added to the Jobs and Invoices List which indicates that an item has been posted (aka exported) to be imported into your external accounting system. 
If there are any questions regarding how you can utilise these improvements, don’t hesitate to email or call us. 

We hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to working together with you this year...


Further small improvements

September 20th, 2013 • Comments

We will perform another upgrade to Blaq this weekend. You and your colleagues may experience some minor downtime at some stage between 9 PM Friday, September 20 and 9 AM Saturday, September 21.

These upgrades do not affect the operation of any existing users of Blaq. 

The new features are:

  • An External Reference Number field has been added to Jobs. This can be used to tie into any other systems you may be using in conjunction with Blaq in order to form a link.
  • An automatic refresh option has been added to the Jobs view. You can select the refresh frequency in the options list at the top of the Jobs View to 1, 5, or 10 minutes. The default on entry to the screen with be "No refresh".
  • The attachments list within an email will now only show the file that you have just created. This helps to avoid errors when sending an email or quote - no one wants these getting into the wrong hands!! If you have Terms and Conditions or Warranties or any other type of file that you would also like to appear in your attachment list, please contact us and we can add this for you. If you wish to see all files created, you can still go into CRM/Email/New Email and all the attachments will be in the list. 

We anticipate another upgrade next weekend and will let you know in advance!


Minor Blip

September 20th, 2013 • Comments
We have just experienced 5 minutes of down time for Blaq. The issue was resolved within 2 minutes of us hearing about the problem. We hope that we haven't caused too much inconvenience for anyone! All is working as it should now.