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September 20th, 2013

We will perform another upgrade to Blaq this weekend. You and your colleagues may experience some minor downtime at some stage between 9 PM Friday, September 20 and 9 AM Saturday, September 21.

These upgrades do not affect the operation of any existing users of Blaq. 

The new features are:

  • An External Reference Number field has been added to Jobs. This can be used to tie into any other systems you may be using in conjunction with Blaq in order to form a link.
  • An automatic refresh option has been added to the Jobs view. You can select the refresh frequency in the options list at the top of the Jobs View to 1, 5, or 10 minutes. The default on entry to the screen with be "No refresh".
  • The attachments list within an email will now only show the file that you have just created. This helps to avoid errors when sending an email or quote - no one wants these getting into the wrong hands!! If you have Terms and Conditions or Warranties or any other type of file that you would also like to appear in your attachment list, please contact us and we can add this for you. If you wish to see all files created, you can still go into CRM/Email/New Email and all the attachments will be in the list. 

We anticipate another upgrade next weekend and will let you know in advance!