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September 13th, 2013

We will perform an upgrade to the Blaq System this weekend that will include some new features and bug fixes. You and your colleagues may experience some minor downtime at some stage between 9 AM Saturday, September 14 and 9 PM Sunday, September 15.

These upgrades do not affect the operation of any existing users of Blaq. Read below for the exciting new features that you can take advantage of.

The new features include:

  • Colour coding Departments. Each department can have a colour set for them ( go To Administration, Branches, select a branch, Departments, select a department and choose a colour for the Department - note, you can enter your own RGB colour or select from the available palate). This will allow you to quickly see which jobs are assigned to which department on the Job Schedule by colour.   
  • A warning symbol will be displayed on the left side of the job list in the Job Schedule screen if the Job is Created and is Required within the same day. To turn on this feature, go to Administration, Options and select Transactions Tab. Scroll down to the Transaction Settings section and set Display job schedule warning to Yes.
  • On the Job Schedule screen, the + and - buttons have been made larger to allow better accuracy when using Blaq on your iPad
  • For Deliveries, Jobs, Purchase Orders and Quotes - when creating a new, the Attn, Phone and Company on the Address tab is now defaulting to the selected Contact. 

 What’s coming up in October

  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Integration with another Job Management System called Coredination – This is very exciting as you will be able to manage aspects of your job remotely on your mobile device. You initiate the Quote and the Job in Blaq and continue managing the Job on your mobile device; Report Times Sheets and products, do complex routing, attach photos and take customer signatures.