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March 31st, 2011

We've performed a second update to Blaq this month, with the following changes:

  • In Options, by selecting 'Exclude Weekends' Blaq won't include weekends when calculating the required date for a job or follow-up date for a quote.
  • In Options, you can now set 'Height & width display' to format the way products with height & width dimensions are displayed on screen and most templates/reports. Possible formats include examples such as '2000mm h x 1000mm w' and '2000h x 1000w'. This also is affected by the height/width order option.
  • In Options, you can set the 'Length - Input/Pricing' and 'Length - Displayed/Printed' to determine the measurement units used for input, pricing and display. For example, you could use metres for input and pricing but display/print millimetres. 
  • Safari - fixed bug where some menus weren't showing in the correct position