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March 4th, 2011
Over the weekend, Zignet will be performing a scheduled update of Blaq.
Improvements include:
  • Updated Layout - this will be the most obvious part to the update. The layout has been updated considerably but the transition for current users shouldn't be difficult.
  • Tasks - jobs, quotes, purchase orders, etc. now all include 'tasks' for keeping track of tasks which need to be performed relating to that transaction. They can be assigned to different users and given due dates so that they show up on the user's planner.
  • Help - there is a lot more help shown on the screen, informing the user what the many fields are for.
  • Timesheet Costs - timesheet reports will be able to be costed either based on the user's hourly rate (same as before) or a product's hourly rate (new), which is set in the products section.
  • user's default email signatures can now be HTML
  • most record lists now only require a single click on a link instead of a double-click - makes them usable on touch-screen devices
  • more MYOB import options have been added
  • users can opt in or out of receiving emails about Blaq news & updates
  • accounts are now in their own menu, making them quicker/easier to find
  • the news feed is now in it's own section so you can see more of it
Please note the update will be occurring over the weekend so there may be a small interruption to the Blaq service, but it will be no more than 30 minutes.