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August 26th, 2010
In the past few months we've been doing a lot of work with Blaq including adding new features which will be available soon.

We've also been updating the look of Blaq to make it easier to use and more pleasant to look at.

Recently, the major browsers have been updated to include many of the new features of HTML 5 and CSS 3. We've been changing Blaq to take advantage of these new features. The two most popular browsers used with Blaq are Firefox and Safari, and the latest versions of these (Safari 5.x and Firefox 3.5+) will both work fully with the latest Blaq updates, as will the latest Chrome versions. Internet Explorer 8 will still work with Blaq, however it won't display all the new aesthetic improvements. The next version of Internet Explorer, version 9, should be available soon and looks like it will be able to show the improvements.

Whilst we'd recommend Blaq users switch to Firefox, Safari or Chrome, more importantly we'd recommend you always keep your browser updated to its latest version.