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March 29th, 2010
We're adding a poll to our blog to get some user feedback about what you would like to see added next to Blaq.

We're currently looking at:
  • A mobile version - this would be a more basic edition of Blaq for use on mobile phones. We'd be focusing on speed and ease of use, so it would be more limited than the standard web version but great for use with mobile phones.
  • A login for your customers - we're looking at allowing you to give your customers the ability to login to a Blaq site where they can check on their jobs and invoices with you, and create their own quotes. You would be able to limit which customers had this access and the features they could access.
  • A payroll module - we added a few payroll details to the employees section a while back, but we're looking at creating a full payroll module.
  • Integration with Google Apps - Google Apps is becoming more and more popular, so we're looking at making Blaq able to connect with your Google Apps so you could synchronise contacts and calendars and send emails from your own email account.
  • Sync - instead or as well as above, we're looking at third party services for syncing your contacts and calendar events with Outlook, Gmail, mobile phones, etc. If you've got something you'd like to sync with, please let us know.
  • Mail merge - a mail merge function would allow you to send email newsletters, notices, etc. to your contact list from within Blaq.
  • Attaching files to emails - currently, you can email quotes, invoices, etc. generated from within Blaq directly to your clients, but you can't attach other files to the same email. This would allow you to attach other files from your PC or possibly from a file storage service such as
If there's a feature you'd really like added but we haven't covered, please let us know also.