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March 18th, 2010
Tonight we performed a minor update of Blaq with the following new features and improvements:
  • The "Recent Activity" widget has been improved further. As well as writing about what you're working on, you can now add comments to what other users are working on. This is still visible to everyone using this widget, we plan to add filters for this in the near future.
  • Dashboard columns can now be given different sizes. The Widgets tab of the Preferences section now allows more choices in the way columns are configured for each user.
  • Charts have been given a minor refresh. Some of the tables displayed with the charts have been reorganised and are now considerably easier to read.
  • More widgets have been added including 'Purchase Orders in Progress' and 'Opportunities in Progress'.
  • Addresses have been changed in all sections. In order to allow for international addresses (addresses outside Australia) the Post Code is no longer a required field and the State / Region / Province field has been extended to allow for more characters. The Country field has been changed to a drop down field with countries listed. The country you're based in will always be used as the default country.
  • Currencies can now be used within Blaq. Each customer can have a default currency, and each transaction can be set to a particular currency. Currently, currencies are only being used for recording a transaction's currency, but in the future we plan to look at incorporating exchange rates to convert between a local and foreign currencies.