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July 1st, 2009
The July 2009 update contains a number of improvements.
  • Security - there have been a number of security enhancements, an area we're constantly improving.
  • Options & Preferences - the Administration > System > Options section and Preferences section have both been redesigned. Each section has seen its various areas split up into separate tabs to make it easier to follow.
  • Groups - the use of Groups has been expanded. Previously, groups were only used with products but they can now be used with Contacts and Customers as well. Both global groups and personal groups can be added. For now, their main purpose is to assist you when searching for clients and customers. More uses will be added in the future.
  • Menu - because of the change to the Groups section, it has been moved along with the Products section under the Administration > Company Setup menu.
  • Menu - the top menu has been redesigned to be narrower to make it easy to use on narrower screens. We've had requests for this partly due to netbooks becoming more popular.
  • Emails - the HTML editor's style menus have been improved to work better when the window is scrolled.
  • Contacts - in the Administration > System > Options section you can specify whether business contacts must have a company name and position.
  • Calendars - date fields no longer have a button to click for the calendar, simply click on the field and the calendar will be displayed.